Our School

Phoenix Middle School is one of four public middle schools in Worthington Schools, a suburban school district of Columbus, Ohio.  Phoenix houses about 85 seventh graders and 85 eighth graders each year and is staffed by 14 full-time teachers, as well as various part-time staff and administrators.  The school was conceived in response to a district-wide Request for Proposal opportunity in the fall of 2006.  At that time, Worthington Schools was seeking not only to ease enrollment imbalance at the middle school level but to include a “value-added” component to the curriculum as well.  Nine middle school teachers and one administrator began meeting that fall to create a program that would become the blueprint for Phoenix Middle School.

The Worthington Schools Board of Education selected and approved the proposal at the end of February 2007.  A 7th-grade class was chosen by lottery from across the district by April 15, 2007, and the doors of Phoenix Middle School officially opened the following August.  

Phoenix is a Mastery Learning school that is based upon the integration of core curriculum with critical thinking, global education, fine arts, wellness, and community interaction.  This is achieved through collaboration among the staff members, who work extensively to combine, streamline, and enhance traditional middle school curricula to make each student’s educational experience as meaningful as possible.


Office Contact

Sean Flynn Principal
Chrissy Cavaluchy Secretary
Dawn Piccinich Nurse
Deb Warren Building Assistant
Ron Waterwash Counselor

School Hours: 8:45 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Phoenix Middle School
2341 Snouffer Road, Worthington, OH 43085

Phone 614.450,4100 | Fax 614.781.0135