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OSU's Stone Laboratory

stone-lab-front-bigSelect students in both 7th and 8th grade study Lake Erie and Gibraltar Island in a series of specialized activities, such as an Edible Plants Walk, Invertebrate Walk, or Ornithology Hike. Group spends two hours on a research vessel on Lake Erie, collecting environmental and biological data, before heading back to the lab for an additional two hours, where they dissect fish and peer through microscopes to get a look at the lake's tiniest inhabitants. This is a two-day overnight trip.

Gibraltar Island's Stone Lab Experience
Ohio State University Outreach Facility
Put-In-Bay, South Bass Island


Students who are interested in being considered for the Stone Lab field trip must complete an application and submit it to their science teacher by Friday, August 31, 2018. The team of teachers involved will select and inform the participants by Friday, September 7th, 2018. Please understand that student behavior and work habits will be taken under consideration. Students will be missing a day of school and will be expected to make up any missed work.


A two-day, one night field investigation of Ohio State University's Stone Laboratory. The workshop program includes:

• a two-hour science cruise aboard the motor vessel, Bio-Lab, during which a resident scientist demonstrates studies of water quality, plankton, benthos, and fish using various sensors, samplers, and trawls.
• a two-hour laboratory session to examine and identify collected and preserved insect and fish specimens.
• a scientist-led walk in search of invertebrates


Gibraltar Island in the harbor of Put-In-Bay, South Bass Island


To participate in the workshop program, to appreciate the delicate balances in nature, to understand the effects of change on Lake Erie, to continue work on an investigation of your own, and to commune with classmates and fireflies!

Stone Lab, a working facility for Ohio State University student investigations, offers a variety of activities for individual groups from mid-April through October. The island on which the lab is located is in the harbor of Put-In-Bay, north of Perry's Monument. We will take the Miller Boat Line ferry to South Bass Island and a research vessel will transport us from the main island to Gibraltar Island. Discussion topics may include:

• glaciers and glacier groove 
• water quality sampling
• soil sampling
• fish anatomy
• the physics of waves
• the importance of Lake Erie in time of war
• the physics of rowing
• wing comparison of various insects or birds
• the influence of the zebra mussel on Lake Erie ecosystems
• water plants
• weather effects on island erosion
• a study of OSU and its fish hatchery
• the influence of the Gobie on Lake Erie
• Great Lake history
• land plant collecting
• edible plant study
• insect collecting
• astronomy


Monday October 15 - Tuesday October 16, 2018 (Note: Discovery Days are October 17 & 18)).


The cost of the trip for each student will be approximately $189.00. Payment is due by September 21st. This amount includes meals, lodging, transportation, utilization of OSU laboratory facilities and admission fees. Applicants who are accepted must sumbit payment through My Payments Plus.

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