Students and staff at Phoenix can access our wireless network with their school Chromebooks and personal devices (laptops, Chromebooks, tablets, etc) during the school day. With classroom teacher approval, students may use their own devices to access the internet and collaborate with other students. 

Phoenix MS has determined that allowing students to bring their own technology devices for use in the classroom will benefit their achievement in many ways. Having increased access to the technologies they are already comfortable using outside of school allows students to seamlessly engage in the Four C's of Digital Age Learning – Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, and Critical Thinking. Teachers reinforce the concept of life-long learning by encouraging educational uses of personal technologies, and students and teachers discuss important topics such as ethics and acceptable conduct in the digital world as opportunities arise naturally throughout the learning process.

It is important to note that students are not required to bring personal technology devices to school as a school Chromebook is given to each student.  Also, technology use will occur in the classroom for educational purposes, and it is intended to occur only with the teacher's permission and at the teacher's discretion.

In addition to these guidelines, the use of any electronic device in school, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones, requires students to abide by the District Computer Network/Computers and Resources Acceptable Use Policy.

During the course of the school year, additional rules regarding the use of electronic devices may be added. If this occurs, any new rule will become a part of this policy.

The use of smartphones is prohibited during the day unless permission is given for your student to access it. Phones should be kept in their lockers all day while at school. 

Below are frequently ask questions about Laptop use at Phoenix:


How can personal laptops improve learning?

The laptops will serve as “virtual workspaces” for students, creating opportunities for research, composition, revision and communication that are fluid and exciting. With easier access to information and feedback, students can more easily “re-think” their original ideas and go further with their conceptual development. In general, this is the main reason most of us now use word processors instead of pencils or typewriters—we can express our ideas more fluidly, and then more easily revise and reshape them.

Working in a networked environment where it is easy to share developing work and research with peers and teachers is much closer to the environments students will live and work in during high school, college, and the future. Becoming comfortable and capable with these opportunities during the Middle School years is a wise investment. Students may use their personal laptops no more than they currently use Phoenix desktops/laptops, but their access will be more direct and less cumbersome. Additionally, personal laptops will allow them access to all their school files at home (on the local drives) instead of only on our network.

Can students bring their own laptops from home?

Yes. Parents/Students should be aware that some laptops/tablets may be difficult to configure for our network. Additionally, we can’t install district software on personal devices because of licensing issues.

Please note:

  • All personal computers used at Phoenix must have fully licensed antivirus/antimalware software installed with current updates.
  • Supporting several laptop configurations can be very time consuming. For this reason, Phoenix teachers may not support (troubleshoot hardware/software problems) laptops during the school day.

Personal software...

For the most part, student can install any software approved by their parents. One of the benefits of individual laptops is that students will feel more responsible for the computer, and part of this relationship is individualization of the laptop. Basically, the computers will be family-owned computers for school-related use. They aren’t a replacement for a home computer, which may have a variety of specialized software and features installed We do ask that there be NO file sharing software (LimeWire, Gnutella, BitCommet, uTorrent etc.) of any kind installed on laptops used at school.

Will the laptops make it easier for students to misuse the Internet at school?

All Internet use at Phoenix will continue to be filtered by Worthington district filters which blocks access to inappropriate web sites. The students will have the same Internet experience as they have at school now.

Will personal laptops make it easier for students to “hack” the school network?

Student computers will have access to the students’ files on the file servers via the Internet, but they will not be “authenticated” domain computers of the school network. In this sense, they are less able to see or access any network services or storage that is private.

What about inappropriate uses?

Students will be held accountable for all inappropriate uses (of the Internet, our network, and copyrighted software) as listed in the Worthington Computer Use Policy.

Will the student files on the laptops be private?

Currently, to maintain network security, we can view student files on the network to check for inappropriate files, too many files, and other issues. We reserve the right to scan any students computer at any time for inappropriate files.

What about dead batteries? Will students “plug in” in the classrooms?

All personal computers should be charged overnight and during the lunch/wellness block (middle of the day). Most laptop computers can run for approximately 8-12 hours on a charge, which should be ample for a typical school day.

How do we supervise appropriate Internet use at home?

We recommend that parents always be aware when students are using the Internet at home, and that they supervise this use so that inappropriate sites and materials aren’t accessed. It will be made clear to the students that Phoenix will be checking Internet history files and other “telltale” evidence on the laptops that would indicate misuse, and any inappropriate Internet use will be immediately reported to parents. We may provide handouts and information sessions for parents so that you can do the same. The Middle School years can be a time when students “test boundaries” and occasionally get into trouble with how they interact with each other using technology. At this formative time, there is also an opportunity to state and enforce limits so that students gain a greater understanding about appropriate and positive uses. Learning about these issues now, in a “hands-on” sense, will serve them well in the future.


Support and Warranty Services:

  • If you purchase a laptop for your son/daughter, please be sure to ask your sales rep or manufacturer about additional warranty services, replacement programs, and on-site service.
  • Supporting several laptop configurations can be very time consuming. For this reason, Phoenix teachers may not support (troubleshoot hardware/software problems) laptops during the school day.

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